Reference Engine Program for VR38DETT

Each shortblock features over 40 hours of inspection, measuring, machining, cleaning and assembly time.

After its introduction in 2008, the R35 GT-R quickly became a popular favorite for tuners eclipsing the 1,000hp mark.
Unfortunately, many “built” engine assemblies now available are nothing more than a mash-up of OEM and aftermarket parts. The truth is that peak performance and OEM-level reliability can never be realized without combining the best parts with precision machining, balancing and assembly.

Our VR38DETT shortblock assembly holds the highest level of precison and finish attainable today. By building “reference” level engines, Club DSPORT has been able to truly evaluate the quality of the components available in the market. In addition to the vast knowledge base from years of Formula One and IndyCar engine builds, more recent builds and evaluations in Formula D, IDRC, various time-attack and Pike’s Peak Hill Climb efforts have culminated in the development of a no-compromise short-block solution that maximizes power output and efficiency without sacrificing reliability.

 Top quality components selected to handle high horsepower and deliver quiet operation

You purchased Japan’s best car. Now upgrade to the world’s best engine. Club DSPORT partnered with the top engine component manufacturers to engineer the right parts for the best VR38DETT short block assembly that money can buy. A new, genuine NISSAN VR38DETT engine block and crankshaft are precision machined and teamed with MAHLE Motorsports custom pistons and Carrillo ultra-strong, yet lightweight, connecting rods. ARP main stud fasteners
ensure that the main journals resist distortion even when power eclipses the 1,600whp mark.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Process” tab_id=”1502747882570-76461e2b-b085″]



  • CNC line boring of engine block’s main journals
  • CNC decking of engine to match deck heights between banks
  • CNC decking of engine for Ra<15 for optimal MLS gasket sealing surface
  • Precision honing of connecting rod small end where needed
  • Precision honing of connecting rod big end where needed
  • Precision diamond plateau honing of all cylinders with DSPORT Torque Plate*
  • Surface finish matching of all cylinders to ideal finish measured with profilometer
  • Micropolishing of all crankshaft journal surfaces
  • Deburring of ring end gaps following filing
  • Deburring of piston crowns, valve reliefs and skirt edges


  • Match balance of all pistons and pins to within +/- 0.2grams
  • Match balance of all connecting rod small ends to within +/- 0.2grams
  • Match balance of all connecting rod big ends to within +/- 0.2grams
  • Dynamic balance of crankshaft to less than 0.25grams
  • Dynamic balance of flywheel to less than 0.25grams
  • Measure of dynamic torque for rotation of rotating assembly


  • Installation of graded main bearings in block for ideal main oil clearances
  • Installation of graded rod bearings in rods for ideal rod oil clearances
  • Installation of crankshaft and angle torque of main studs in block
  • Measurement of all rod and main pins on crankshaft
  • Measurement of crankshaft end play and thrust adjustment where needed
  • Measurement of piston pin-to-piston and piston pin-to-rod small end
  • Rod side clearance measured and adjusted when Necessary
  • Piston/rod assemblies installed with indexed ring end gaps
  • All rod bolts torqued to bolt manufacturer’s stretch recommendation


  • Automated Ultrasonic and Jet Washing Operations
  • Hand brush wash of all components at multiple stages

*This torque plate was engineered and developed to exactly match distortion of cylinders when cylinder heads are torqued into place with a factory head gasket and either factory head bolts or ARP CA625+ head studs.

Club DSPORT Reference VR38DETT Shortblock Assembly 

( Off-road use only. Intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road)

Starting at $15,995

  • New Genuine Nissan VR38DETT Engine Block
  • New Genuine Nissan VR38DETT Crankshaft
  • New Genuine Nissan VR38DETT Rod and Main Bearings (WPC treated)
  • New Genuine Nissan VR38DETT Flywheel Assembly
  • New Genuine Nissan VR38DETT Flywheel Bolts
  • Club DSPORT Spec Mahle 9.5:1 E85 Optimized Pistons
  • Club DSPORT Spec Carrillo Pro-H Beam Connecting Rods w/3/8” CARR Bolts
  • ARP VR38DETT Main Stud Kit
  • Precision CNC Vertical line boring on engine main bearing housings
  • Precision CNC decking of block for equal deck heights from opposing banks
  • Diamond Plateau Honing with Club DSPORT engineered honing plate
  • Micropolishing of Crankshaft
  • Static Balancing of all components to within 0.2 grams
  • Dynamic three-stage balancing of rotating assembly to less than 0.25 grams
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of all components
  • IndyCar-level engine assembly with complete blueprinting